Bldg 270

Where no one is square and nothing is 90 degrees

Though it might not look like much from the outside, BLDG 270’s warped and weathered architecture and lack of any discernible right angles give it a charm all its own. Just step inside to fully appreciate its recent renovation and warm, inviting feel.

The building was built in 1942 during the construction of the Walla Walla Army Air Base, and records say it was used as a recreational facility for the service men. How fitting that its current function has returned to that original purpose! Over the years it has changed hands several times, serving as an office, an art studio for acclaimed artist Jim Dine, and a gallery space.

In 2007 it was remodeled to become the home for Walla Walla’s only, and therefore longest running, radio variety show that’s not on the radio, “Neither Here Nor There.” Since then, our events have multiplied and diversified to include non-profit organizations’ meetings, live musical performances, art exhibitions, private parties, and movie nights.

Come visit. You’ll quickly understand why this unique event space is fast becoming one of Walla Walla’s favorite venues.